The Community ROI Report for Planning District One Behavioral Health Services

Serving the people of Lee, Scott and Wise Counties and the City of Norton


Planning District One BHS in partnership with Frontier Health is the behavioral health agency serving Wise, Lee, Scott Counties and the City of Norton. Every day, we strive to help our consumers achieve the best possible outcomes in health, wellness, recovery, and independence. We view ourselves as community partners with an obligation to deliver the best possible value in return for the community support we receive. This value begins with the consumers we serve, and extends to the broader community. In this brief document we preset a profile of the community impact of Planning District One BHS. Please contact us to learn more about our work.

Mission of Planning District One BHS

To provide and promote quality, cost-effective and community-based services that will enable persons affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders to live productive and satisfying lives.

Community Need

The Planning District One BHS service region includes more than 94,434 people residing in the CSB service region. Within this population, an estimated 881 individuals (age 6 and older) may have an intellectual disability. An estimated 8,348 persons (age 18 and older) may have experienced dependence or abuse involving illicit drugs or alcohol in the past year. An estimated 4,083 persons (ages 18 and older) may have a serious mental illness and 979 persons (ages 9 to 17) may have experienced serious emotional disturbances. Any of these individuals may seek help from PD1 BHS.

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