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Serving the people of Lee, Scott and Wise Counties and the City of Norton

Adult Outpatient Services


Mental Health Services

Same Day Access Appointments
Services consist of an array of center-based activities designed to evaluate and treat the effects of mental health and substance use disorders that impair the functioning of individuals. Service entry is made through Same Day Access. Outpatient services are provided on an individual, group or family basis to address various issues to benefit individuals being served. Services may include diagnosis, intake, counseling, assessment, and other ancillary services. Same Day Access is offered to ensure individuals can receive services quickly and at the time that individuals decide services are needed.

Case Management Services
Case management provides a variety of community-based services designed to respond to unique needs of individuals with mental health, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders. Services include identifying and reaching out to individuals in need of services, assessing needs and planning services, linking the individual to services and supports, assisting the person directly to locate, develop, or obtain needed services and resources, coordinating services with other providers enhancing community integration, making collateral contacts, monitoring service delivery, and advocating for people in response to their changing needs.

Individual and Family Counseling
Services are provided on an individual, group, or family basis, and usually in a clinic or similar facility. Outpatient Services may include diagnosis and evaluation, screening and intake, counseling, psychotherapy, behavior management, psychological testing and assessment, laboratory, and other ancillary services. The goal of individual and family counseling is to provide services that allow the development of coping skills that promote an individual’s full potential.

Psychiatric Services/Medication
Services include the provision of psychiatric and psychiatric nursing services by licensed psychiatrists and practitioners. This service may include medication services including prescribing medications and medication management.

Integrated Medical Care Services
Routine medical services are provided for adults receiving behavioral health services at our Lee and Wise County locations. Integrated care innovatively places mental health clinicians’ side by side with physical health providers and nurses so individuals can be quickly connected to well-coordinated whole-person care. Services allow individuals to gain access to a combined multidimensional approach to health care. Services include wellness and prevention, coordination of services, education, diagnostic services, medication management, outpatient procedures, management of chronic conditions, and referrals to specialty care when needed.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
Services at Independence House provide a safe place to help people address symptoms related to mental illness and/or addiction and to reach goals associated with symptom reduction, supports, employment and community living. Independence House coordinates services with outpatient services, case management, supported housing, peer support centers, employment services and psychiatric hospitals to help individuals make the most of recovery services. Psychosocial Rehabilitation builds on individual strengths and provides mutual support, along with professional support. Individuals receive life skills training, community integration opportunities and social support.

Mental Health Skill Building Services
Training and support are provided to enable individuals with significant functional limitations to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment. This service provides training in or reinforcement of functional skills and appropriate behavior related to the individual’s health and safety, activities of daily living, use of community resources, assistance with medication management, and monitoring of physical condition.


Substance Use Disorder

Individual and Group Counseling
Services are provided on an individual or group basis, and usually in a clinic or similar facility. Outpatient Services may include diagnosis and evaluation, screening and intake, counseling, psychotherapy, behavior management, psychological testing and assessment, laboratory, and other ancillary services. The goal of individual and group counseling is to provide services that allow the development of skills that promote recovery from alcohol or drug dependency.

Medication Assisted Treatment
Medication-assisted treatment means the use of medications to help people get off of and stay off of drugs. The Medication Assisted Treatment program (MAT) is a comprehensive program that incorporates counseling, groups, recovery coaching, urine drug screening, community recovery groups, and medication to help people become and remain free of illicit drugs.

Peer Recovery Services
Peer Recovery Services are supportive contacts with employees that are in recovery and have similar experiences to persons seeking treatment and recovery. Peer support hosts group meetings to promote and sustain recovery. Peer support also works individually with persons to help facilitate a transition into treatment, craft recovery plans of care and help support individuals through their recovery journey.

Recovery Court
Referrals are received from the judicial system These services are provided in partnership with the 30th Circuit Court. Services are focused on drug treatment and:

  • Provide substance abuse treatment, intensive supervision, and ancillary services
  • Reduce addiction and drug dependency among offenders, recidivism, and drug-related court workloads
  • Increase personal, familial and societal accountability among offenders
  • Promote effective planning and use of resources among the criminal justice system and community agencies

Occupational SUD
Treatment for substance use disorders that result in occupational problems. Impaired driver treatment, coal miners with positive OTJ drug screens, health professionals with SUD problems as well as treatment for persons with Department of Transportation regulated professions that have substance use problems.

Purchase of Detoxification/Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
PD1 BHS has cooperative agreements with locations throughout the region to provide detoxification and residential substance use disorder treatment to persons that would otherwise not be able to obtain or afford treatment on their own. This critical linkage is available at Lee, Scott, and Wise County Behavioral Health Service locations.

Project LINK
Project LINK services are designed to coordinate and enhance services to help meet the needs of women and their children where lives have been affected by substance abuse. These services are available to women of childbearing age, women with dependent children, and women who are pregnant. Project LINK assists women with acquiring needed services, entitlements, education, prevention and supportive counseling, and advocacy.

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